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When a tree is recognized as hazardous or unsafe, or an owner simply wants to remove it from the yard, professional tree removal services offer the opportunity to safely eliminate the existing tree and make space for new plantings. CPD Landscaping conducts a thorough assessment of your trees to determine whether the plant can be salvaged (through trimming and pruning) or if tree removal services are the best course of action. Our tree removal services are available year-round and are suitable for all tree types, sizes, and ages.

Removing trees is a dangerous task and should only be performed by a trained, licensed, and insured tree removal specialist. As the leader in the Florida tree service industry, we take safety very seriously. Utilizing the highest quality tree removal equipment and procedures, we ensure the safety of the crew, our customers, nearby persons, and minimal disruption to the surrounding landscape.

While tree removal services are certainly employed as a last resort, there do exist numerous situations necessitate eliminating tree. They include:

  • Construction purposes
  • Eliminating encroaching trees
  • Decayed root systems
  • Upheaval of soil and root systems

  • Excessive leaning
  • Excessive internal decay
  • Hazardous to the public or property
  • Personal preference
  • Invasive species of tree
  • Diseased tree

Alternatives To Tree Removal

Most property owners prefer to use corrective actions rather than removing the tree entirely. In some cases, CPD Landscaping professionals may determine that tree removal services are not necessary and that other viable alternatives would allow you to spare the life of your tree. Proactive care, preventative treatment, and regular maintenance services have been proven to prolong the life of trees and large shrubbery. These practices may include trimming, pruning, or the construction of an artificial support device. Contact us today for more information.

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